Need More Storage in a Small Bathroom?

Is your bathroom storage situation a bit cramped? Are things piled in, around, and on plumbing pipes? Do you have to riffle through the entire contents of a cabinet just to find one item?

Small Bathroom
Small Bathroom Storage Challenges

One of the best ways to give yourself more space in a vanity cabinet is to install our Pipes Away Plumbing Kit™ to move the plumbing to the back of the cabinet. This frees up valuable storage space and makes access to storage more convenient and easy–no more reaching around and under plumbing to get what you need.

With plumbing pipes out of the way, you now have room to add drawers. Whether you use our Stow Away Sliding Shelves™ or make your own, drawers will make everything easy to reach and organize, and can essentially double the amount of storage space.

Before After DrawersWater damage caused by bumping and banging pipes can turn into costly structural repairs. The Pipes Away Plumbing Kit™ used in conjunction with sliding shelves essentially eliminates the potential for pipe leaks due to everyday wear and tear.

With increased easy access storage, any small bathroom can function like dream!

Small Bathroom Space Saving ideas

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