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Maximize Space With Drawers

Spending the time to add drawers to a cabinet is well worth the effort! Drawers, or pull out shelves, maximize space and allow for more organization and storage. Reaching items in the back of a cabinet is no longer a struggle, no more getting down on hands and knees to reach the back of the cabinet. No more riffling through the entire contents of a cabinet just to find one item.

Using our Pipes-Away Space Saving Plumbing Kit™ to maximize space and adding drawers will create convenient access for all the items you store. There can be a place for everything, and everything will be easy to reach!

No more bending over and reaching for toiletries first thing in the morning, no more struggling to find something stored in your cabinet and then struggling to make everything fit back in. Adding pull out shelves will bring order and ease to your cabinets.

Double Yor Space With Drawers

The pictures above demonstrate just how much space can be created by using our Pipes-Away Plumbing Kit™ and adding pull out shelves to a cabinet. Everything in the cabinet easily fits onto the bottom pull out shelf. Adding a second pull out shelf effectively doubles the cabinet storage area.

Stow-Away Shelves

Our customizable sliding shelves are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty.

  • 100 pound capacity
  • Two coat Lacquer Finish
  • 2  3/8 inch tall sides
  •  1/2 inch Baltic birch plywood.
  • Dado joint for 1/4 inch MDF bottom
  • Rabbet jointed corners

DIY Your Own Sliding Shelves

There are lots of tutorials available that show how to make your own sliding shelves. Here are a few of our favorites:

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