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30 Minutes and $30 Can Change Your Bathroom


Spending around 30 minutes to install the Pipes-Away Plumbing Kit™ can greatly improve the storage and function of a bathroom. Our easy to follow directions and online support make this an easy DIY job. Placing the plumbing at the back of the cabinet allows more freedom and creates more usable cabinet storage.

Similar kits retail for $100, but our Pipes-Away Plumbing Kit™ retails for just $29.99 with free shipping. That’s a savings of over 70%!

By spending time on this quick, easy, inexpensive project, you can move the pipes to the back of a cabinet, free up valuable storage space, and decrease your chance of a costly and damaging under sink leak. It also creates room for drawers or sliding shelves.

Why Choose Space Creating Plumbing

Sink plumbing traditionally falls directly below the drain, taking up the center of the vanity cabinet and making storage options limited and awkward.
Conventional Pipes vs Pipes Away™

Conventional Pipes vs Pipes-Away Kit™

Conventional plumbing, what we call dumb plumbing, falls straight down from the drain and can take up a lot of room. Our Pipes-Away Plumbing Kit™ places pipes at the back of the cabinet where they take up very little valuable bathroom storage space.

Now that’s Plumb Smart!

Prevent the #1 Cause of Under Sink Leaks

Banging, hitting, and repositioning drain pipes while moving items in and out of a sink cabinet is the leading cause of under sink leaks. The Pipes-Away Space Saving Plumbing Kit™ prevents these leaks by getting the plumbing out of the way.
Before Crooked Pipe

Big Chance for Leaks!

The pipe in this picture is being pushed crooked. Over time as the pipe is continually pushed, banged, and bumped, the fittings can get loosened, small cracks can form in the pipe, and the washers can wear out due to the continued stress. It is likely that this pipe will form a leak.

These Pipes are Out of the Way

Pipes Safely Out of the Way

The Pipes-Away Plumbing Kit™ allows the pipes to be moved to the safety of the back of the cabinet.  Now there is much less of a chance that the pipes will be hit, jostled, or banged around and therefore much less chance of a leak.